RKVT Fijian Flyer Fan Poll Heat 2

Before we get into the heat two runners, we would like to thank everyone that voted in heat 1. Marika Koroibete, Mr Nitro Naduva, Sireli Bobo and Alipate Ratini advance to meet the winners of group 3.

The winner of this heat however will meet the winners of group 4.

Now that you know, what it’s all about, let’s get straight into it. Special thanks again to @fijisevenshl for putting together the videos.

Lane 1 – Lote Tuqiri (Nadroga-Navosa) Rugby League

Lote says he is the fastest thing to ever come out of Namatakula and Nemani is only here for the grog session after

Lane 2 – Nemani Nadolo (Nadroga-Navosa) Rugby Union

Nemani says Lote was adopted

Lane 3 – Waqa Blake (Macuata) Rugby League

Waqa says he use to race the School Bus every morning in Lautoka and he will bring the hex lollies to the grog session

Lane 4 – Joe Rokocoko (Nadi) Rugby Union

Smokin’ Joe says he will race in his flip-flops and still win this race

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Lane 5 – Joeli Lutumailagi (Nadroga-Navosa) Sevens

The newly graduated police officer says he will treat them all like criminals and beat them

Lane 6 – Maika Sivo (Nadi) Rugby League

Maika says he is already grog doped but will still win this

Lane 7 – Joe Cokanasiga (Namosi) Rugby Union

Joe says he loves coming back to Fiji for the bongo and mango skin

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Lane 8 – William Ryder (Bua) Sevens

William says he is the real Bua Bullet and is wondering who ate all the bongos.

Heat two has ended. Nadroga flyer Joeli Lutumailagi with over 23% of voting took out the race. Smokin Joe Rokocoko a comfortable second over William Ryder and Lote Tuqiri. These players will meet the winners of group 4.

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