Top 14 2021/2022

Record of all Fijians in the 2021/2022 Top 14 Season.

Montpellier won the competition after defeating Castres 29-10 in the final. Vilimoni Botitu, Adrea Cocagi and Filipo Nakosi played in the match for Castres while Josaia Raisuqe played matches during the season.

Masivesi Dakuwaqa and Josua Vici played matches for Montpellier during the season. Vici was loaned to Montauban and eventually signed a full time contract.

The first try amongst Fijians was by Tevita Ratuva in Round 1 for Brive against Perpignan.

Biarritz were relegated to the Pro D2 while Bayonne earned their promotion for next season.


Waisea Nayacalevu will leave Stade Francais for Toulon next season.
Josua Vici loaned to Montauban in Pro D2.
Kavekini Tabu joins La Rochelle.
Josaia Raisuqe is transformed into a flanker from winger.
Adrea Cocagi re-signed with Castres.
Jale Vatubua captains Pau during the season.
Kitione Kamikamica and Peni Narisia will join Racing next season.
Peni Ravai suffers neck injury which has ended his time in France and could force him into early retirement.
Lyon win the European Challenge Cup. Josua Tuisova played for Lyon.
La Rochelle win the European Champions Cup. Levani Botia played for La Rochelle.
Eneriko Buliruarua will leave La Rochelle and join Bayonne next season.
Tevita Cavubati leaves Perpignan. No club confirmed.
Asaeli Tuivuaka will join Racing next season.
Sevanaia Galala leaves Brive for Montauban in the Pro D2.
Wame Naituvi joins Racing Metro next season.
Tevita Kuridrani left Biarritz at the end of the season.

Debuts this season;
Jiuta Wainiqolo (Toulon) Petero Mailulu (Bordeaux) Brayden Wiliame (Perpignan) Taniela Ramasibana (Perpignan)
Rep Selections at end of season;
Petero Mailulu, Janeiro Wakeham – Fiji Under 2o’s
Virimi Vakatawa, Levani Botia – Barbarians
Virimi Vakatawa – France
Vilimoni Botitu, Josua Tuisova, Waisea Nayacalevu, Tevita Ratuva, Setariki Tuicuvu, Levani Botia, Temo Mayanavanua,  Jiuta Wainiqolo, Kitione Kamikamica, Ben Volavola – Flying Fijians
Sireli Maqala, Aminiasi Tuimaba – Fiji Sevens

Most Games

Adrea Cocagi

Most Tries

Waisea Nayacalevu

Strike Rate

Alivereti Raka

  Player G Club PS
1 Adrea Cocagi 26 Castres CE
2 Johnny Dyer 23 Biarritz FL/LK
3 Filipo Nakosi 22 Castres WG
4 Waisea Nayacalevu 22 Stade Francais CE
5 Tevita Kuridrani 21 Biarritz CE
6 Tevita Ratuva 21 Brive LK
7 Setariki Tuicuvu 20 Brive CE
8 Temo Mayanavanua 20 Lyon LK
9 Virimi Vakatawa 20 Racing 92 CE
10 Vilimoni Botitu 19 Castres CE
11 Alivereti Duguivalu 19 Perpignan WG
  Player T Club PS
1 Waisea Nayacalevu 9 Stade Francais CE
2 Alivereti Raka 8 Clermont WG
3 Vilimoni Botitu 7 Castres CE
4 Setariki Tuicuvu 5 Brive CE
5 Levani Botia 5 La Rochelle CE
6 Virimi Vakatawa 4 Racing 92 CE
7 Jale Vatubua 4 Pau CE
8 Aminiasi Tuimaba 4 Pau WG
9 Jiuta Wainiqolo 4 Toulon WG
10 Johnny Dyer 3 Biarritz FL
11 Filipo Nakosi 3 Castres WG
12 Alivereti Duguivalu 3 Perpignan CE
13 Setareki Bituniyata 3 Brive WG
14 Josua Tuisova 3 Lyon WG
15 Eneriko Buliruarua 3 La Rochelle CE
16 Sefa Naivalu 3 Stade Francais WG
  Player ST% T G
1 Alivereti Raka 53% 8 15
2 Waisea Nayacalevu 40% 9 22
3 Vilimoni Botitu 36% 7 19
4 Eddie Sawailau 33% 1 3
5 Sefa Naivalu 30% 3 10
6 Levani Botia 29% 5 17
7 Setariki Tuicuvu 25% 5 20
8 Jiuta Wainiqolo 25% 4 16
9 Peniami Narisia 25% 2 8
10 Aminiasi Tuimaba 23% 4 17

The following players have represented the Senior Fiji Sevens team or the Flying Fijians

  Player PS Club
1 Waisea Nayacalevu CE Stade Francais
2 Vilimoni Botitu CE Castres
3 Levani Botia CE La Rochelle
4 Setariki Tuicuvu CE Brive
5 Jiuta Wainiqolo WG Toulon
6 Peniami Narisia HK Brive
7 Aminiasi Tuimaba WG Pau
8 Jale Vatubua CE Pau
9 Eneriko Buliruarua CE La Rochelle
10 Peceli Yato FL Clermont
11 Setareki Bituniyata WG Brive
12 Josua Tuisova WG Lyon
13 Apisai Naqaliva CE Clermont
14 Johnny Dyer FL Biarritz
15 Filipo Nakosi WG Castres
16 Masivesi Dakuwaqa FL Montpellier
17 Seva Galala CE Brive
18 Tevita Ratuva LK Brive
19 Peni Ravai PR Clermont
20 Leone Nakarawa LK Toulon
21 Temo Mayanavanua LK Lyon
22 Josua Vici WG Montpellier
23 Kavekini Tabu CE La Rochelle
24 Ben Volavola FH Racing 92
25 Tevita Cavubati LK Perpignan
26 Kitione Kamikamica FL Brive
27 Josaia Raisuqe FL Castres
1BiarritzJohnny DyerFL2331513%FIJI
2BiarritzHenry SpeightWG14157%AUS
3BiarritzTevita KuridraniCE21154%AUS
4BrivePeniami NarisiaHK821025%FIJI
5BriveTevita RatuvaLK212109%FIJI
6BriveKitione KamikamicaFL900FIJI
7BriveSeva GalalaCE91511.11%FIJI
8BriveSetareki BituniyataWG1831516%FIJI
9BriveSetariki TuicuvuCE2052525%FIJI
10CastresAdrea CocagiCE262107%
11CastresVilimoni BotituCE1973536%FIJI
12CastresFilipo NakosiWG2231513%FIJI
13CastresJosaia RaisuqeFL18FIJI
14ClermontPeni RavaiPR12158%FIJI
15ClermontPeceli YatoFL61516.67%FIJI
16ClermontApisai NaqalivaCE71514.28%FIJI
17ClermontAlivereti RakaWG1584053%FRAN
18La RochelleLevani BotiaCE1752529%FIJI
19La RochelleEneriko BuliruaruaCE1631518%FIJI
20La RochelleKavekini TabuCE0000FIJI
21LyonJosua TuisovaWG1831516%FIJI
22LyonTemo MayanavanuaLK20155%FIJI
23LyonNoa NaikataciWG700FRAN
24LyonTavite VeredamuWG51520%FRAN
25MontpellierMasivesi DakuwaqaFL1621012%FIJI
26MontpellierJosua ViciWG4000FIJI
27Stade FrancaisWaisea NayacalevuCE2294540%FIJI
28Stade FrancaisSefa NaivaluWG1031530%AUS
29PauLekima TagitagivaluFL1800
30PauJale VatubuaCE1842022%FIJI
31PauAminiasi TuimabaWG1742023%FIJI
32PerpignanTevita CavubatiLK1000FIJI
33PerpignanEddie SawailauWG31533%
34PerpignanAlivereti DuguivaluCE1931515%
35PerpignanBrayden WiliameCE00
36Racing 92Ben VolavolaFH151280FIJI
37Racing 92Virimi VakatawaCE2042020%FRAN
38ToulonLeone NakarawaLK12158%FIJI
39ToulonJiuta WainiqoloWG1642025%FIJI
40ToulonPetero TuwaiCE1000
41BordeauxPetero MailuluLK20

Champions & Challenge Cup

ChallengeBiarritzJohnny DyerFL1
ChallengeBiarritzTevita KuridraniCE2150%5
ChallengeBiarritzHenry SpeightWG2150%5
ChallengeBrivePeniami NarisiaHK2
ChallengeBriveTevita RatuvaLK1
ChallengeBriveSevanaia GalalaCE2
ChallengeBriveSetariki TuicuvuCE2150%5
ChampionsCastresAdrea CocagiCE11100%5
ChampionsCastresVilimoni BotituCE2
ChampionsCastresFilipo NakosiWG4125%5
ChampionsCastresJosaia RaisuqeFL3133%5
ChampionsClermontPeni RavaiPR1
ChampionsClermontPeceli YatoFL1
ChampionsClermontAlivereti RakaWG5360%15
ChampionsLa RochelleLevani BotiaCE5240%10
ChampionsLa RochelleEneriko BuliruaruaCE3133%5
ChallengeLyonJosua TuisovaWG4
ChallengeLyonTavite VeredamuWG1
ChallengeLyonTemo MayanavanuaLK6
ChampionsMontpellierMasivesi DakuwaqaFL4125%5
ChampionsMontpellierJosua ViciWG2
ChallengePauAminiasi TuimabaWG1
ChallengePauJale VatubuaCE3133%5
ChallengePerpignanTevita CavubatiLK3
ChallengePerpignanTaniela RamasibanaLK1
ChallengePerpignanAlivereti DuguivaluWG1
ChallengePerpignanEddie SawailauCE4125%5
ChallengePerpignanBrayden WiliameCE1
ChampionsRacingVirimi VakatawaCE4250%10
ChallengeToulonLeone NakarawaFL1
ChallengeToulonJiuta WainiqoloWG7114%5
ChampionsStade FrancaisSefa NaivaluWG2

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