Fijian Drua 2022

A record of the Fijian Drua Inaugural Super Rugby Pacific Season.

Baden Kerr scores the first ever points in round 1 via penalty goal.
Captain Nemani Nagusa scores the first ever Drua try in Round 1.
Haereiti Hetet becomes the first second generation Super Rugby player to play for the Drua.
Josh Vuta & Jona Mataiciwa joined the squad.
Meli Derenalagi named captain for round 3 clash vs Rebels.
Frank Lomani joined the club from Northampton Saints.
Serupepeli Vularika leaves..
Alivereti Veitokani joined the squad. 
Ilaisa Droasese joins the squad from Queensland Reds.
Onisi Ratave signed with Benetton Treviso for next season.
16 players were selected for the Flying Fijians at the end of the season for the Pacific Nations Cup. *=yet to debut
Haereiti Hetet, Manasa Saulo, Mesulame Dolokoto, Tevita Ikanivere, Isoa Nasilasila*, Ratu Rotuisolia*, Rusiate Nasove*, Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta*, Frank Lomani, Peni Matawalu*, Simione Kuruvoli, Teti Tela, Apisalome Vota*, Kalaveti Ravouvou*, Vinaya Habosi*, Ilaisa Droasese*.

Most Games

Kalaveti Ravouvou

Most Tries

Onisi Ratave

Most Tackles

Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta

Name G
Apisalome Vota 12
Isoa Nasilasila 12
Kalaveti Ravouvou 12
Samuela Tawake 12
Mesulame Dolokoto 12
Manasa Saulo 12
Joseva Tamani 11
Vinaya Habosi 11
Peni Matawalu 11
Tevita Ikanivere 11
Onisi Ratave 11
Name G T
Onisi Ratave 11 6
Apisalome Vota 12 5
Vinaya Habosi 11 5
Kalaveti Ravouvou 12 3
Frank Lomani 9 2
Joseva Tamani 11 1
Kitione Salawa 7 1
Mesulame Dolokoto 12 1
Nemani Nagusa 8 1
Rusiate Nasove 5 1
Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta 10 1
Tevita Ikanivere 11 1
Timoci Sauvoli 6 1
Vilive Miramira 8 1
Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta 10 96 9.6
Apisalome Vota 12 86 7.17
Isoa Nasilasila 12 84 7
Kalaveti Ravouvou 12 81 6.75
Samuela Tawake 12 80 6.67
Nemani Nagusa 8 69 8.63
Mesulame Dolokoto 12 64 5.33
Meli Derenalagi 9 64 7.11
Joseva Tamani 11 60 5.45
Vilive Miramira 8 60 7.5
Kitione Salawa 7 60 8.57
Vinaya Habosi 91 1174 106.73 12.9
Kalaveti Ravouvou 130 1162 96.83 8.94
Apisalome Vota 90 527 43.92 5.86
Onisi Ratave 68 474 43.09 6.97
Joseva Tamani 77 359 32.64 4.66
Frank Lomani 36 241 26.78 6.69
Kitione Ratu 42 241 34.43 5.74
Vilive Miramira 47 209 26.13 4.45
Tevita Ikanivere 22 197 17.91 8.95
Selestino Ravutaumada 34 185 18.5 5.44

Super Rugby Pacific Stats

2 players finished inside the top 10 defenders beaten category. Vinaya Habosi 56 (2nd) Kalaveti Ravouvou 51 (4th)

2 players finished inside the top 10 metres gained category. Vinaya Habosi 1174 (3rd) Kalaveti Ravouvou 1162 (4th)

1 player finished inside the top 10 points scored category. Teti Tela 93 (6th)

1 player finished inside the top 10 carries category. Kalaveti Ravouvou 130 (10th)

The Drua finished on 30 tries for the season, least in the competition. 10th for clean breaks, 9th for carries, 5th for metres carried, 5th for defenders beaten, last for lineouts, 4th for offloads, equal 1st for scrums won, equal last for rucks won, equal 8th for yellow cards.

All Drua Stats; Stats are compiled after every match as per Super.Rugby & ESPN. Metres gained stats do not match up on the Super.Rugby wesbite but are shown here to match official stats.

For example; Vinaya Habosi stats are 1174 on the Super.Rugby website but are only 967 when added up across their stats pages. This only affects Habosi and Kalaveti Ravouvou metres gained stats.

Apisalome Vota1252905275.8643.923241111109867.17230.79900070025
Baden Kerr3008212.637000483150.3800001008
Caleb Muntz100134521.535.2500367575.7100.8510002002
Chris Minimbi60024220.923.67000129264.3330.900603000
Frank Lomani920362416.6926.786241060515.6790.85101071010
Haereiti Hetet80020512.556.3822243332410.9700003000
Ilaisa Droasese20016115057.51122602000001000
Isoa Nasilasila1200851271.4910.58502699847150.85302014000
Jona Mataiciwa60010313.15.1711131381.3350.6200000000
Jone Koroiduadua5001030.30.6000528275.410.9600004100
Jone Tiko100000000001001000000000
Joseva Tamani1111773594.6632.64143101773605.45130.82502213005
Josh Vuta100000000000000000000000
Kalaveti Ravouvou123313011628.9496.8351561798816.75170.83312010015
Kalione Nasoko00000000000000000000000
Kaliopasi Uluilakepa90034651.917.22801461465.11150.75302011000
Kitione Ratu701422415.7434.43122441814240.7802000000
Kitione Salawa710471292.7418.431305368608.5780.8840504005
Kitione Taliga600311775.7129.5101310126160.510200000
Leone Nawai3028253.138.33002014113.6730.7900001000
Manasa Saulo120016281.752.33002646403.3360.87102113000
Meli Derenalagi90035762.178.44826580647.11160.8701716000
Meli Tuni3001000000011113.670100000000
Mesulame Dolokoto1212331594.8213.25423478645.33140.82643005005
Napolioni Bolaca30023718.512.331000310.3320.3300000000
Nemani Nagusa810511192.3314.886031071698.6320.9770105015
Onisi Ratave1160684746.9743.09295131640343.0960.85302010030
Peni Matawalu1104331594.8214.456110648373.36110.7710103000
Raikabula Momoedonu200221100004420100100000
Ratu Rotuisolia50029381.317.6100434326.420.9400105100
Rusiate Nasove51016603.751231012320430.8721002005
Samuela Tawake120032300.942.5300589806.6790.9010012100
Selestino Ravutaumada1001341855.4418.5847654393.9150.7233104100
Simione Kuruvoli60018804.4413.33412421193.1720.900203008
Sorovakatini Tuifagalele50035792.2615.8306339336.660.8500802000
Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta101053961.819.64105109969.6130.8800201005
Teti Tela100335942.699.412031160494.9110.82211030093
Tevita Ikanivere1110221978.9517.911131640363.2740.9229005005
Timoci Sauvoli610174707.830111601000007005
Tuidraki Samusamuvodre401181156.3928.7534023024660.820001100
Viliame Rarasea90051811.599213541353.8960.8530605000
Vilive Miramira810472094.4526.13815266607.560.9160407005
Vinaya Habosi115291117412.9106.735610122159504.5590.85814060025
Zuriel Togiatama90012211.752.33100143404.4430.93136002000

Legend: TA=Try Assists, CB=Clean Breaks, DB= Defenders beaten, R=Runs, M=Metres, Avg, M/R=Avg metres per run, Avg M/G= Avg metres per game, TC= Turnovers conceded, TK P/G = Tackle average per game, TK%=Tackles-missed tackles, LW = Lineout wins, LS = Lineout steals.

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