A little bit about us

Rakaviti is an online Rugby community for Fijian Rugby fans worldwide. The meeting place that includes a forum to discuss anything Fiji Rugby, Rugby league or Sevens related. A blog dedicated to celebrating our players and their achievements and a online store with exclusive merchandise.

Our Mission

With Fijian players plying their trade all over the World, we’ve made it our mission to create a website that celebrates all our players in all Rugby codes regardless of what international teams they play for. Player profiles are updated regularly to include Fijian players from all Rugby codes.


Our store includes exclusive merchandise for the RKVT, Viti Domoni and Fiji Love brands. These products are exclusive to rakaviti.com. All three brands are part of the Coco and Clover creative collections range.

Rakaviti Revealed

The name, the purpose, the people behind it and how you can join the team

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